People, not Resources

Agile Fellow Jean Tabaka and Corporate Facilitator Laura Burke will share how Agile managers motivate individuals to do great work by cultivating cultures of vulnerability, allowing people to pursue their passions, and nurture work environments in which people can be who they truly are.

Who Do You Trust

Agile practitioners know trust is THE most important factor in the successful implementation of Agile (or really any method), as it is in one’s life… and it is the most difficult factor to achieve. A better understanding of the deep psychological aspects of building trust is crucial not only to success in implementing Agile, but […]

Product Owners and Scrum Masters

This video discusses what sort of person makes a good ScrumMaster for Agile software development and what to do when a Product Owner disappears at a crucial point in a Scrum Sprint. It also discusses how Lean and Agile fit together and when a story should be resized.

Tribes, Alliances and Schools

Software Development tends to be tribal: the developers vs. the testers, the Agilistas vs. the waterfallists, the context-driven school vs. the certification folks, and so on. Matt Heusser will explain how and why these associations spring up, how to to take the best from a tribe: and to know when to break from the pack. […]

The Core Protocols

Jim McCarthy describes in detail the Core Protocols which any software development project team can use to attain alignment and maximize group agility. Learn first hand the promise and application of these tools to their everyday life as a project manager, weather you are Agile, Scrum or PMI.