Leading from Strength: Making a Difference

By identifying and further developing our unique talents and character strengths, we contribute more effectively and enjoy the process. This talk will draw on findings from positive psychology, brain science, and resilience research to describe practical strategies for articulating passions and reaching goals. Participants will hear about two reputable online strengths surveys and learn how […]

Set-Based Decision Making: Taming System Complexity

As technology marches forward, system complexity continues to rise. Many of the most critical design decisions are made very early in projects, before the system designers can possibly know all that they need to know to make those decisions correctly. That inevitably results in what we call “loopbacks”, where earlier decisions (that were thought to […]

Portfolio Managemen: What’s It All About?

IT Governance and Enterprise Portfolio Management are complimentary processes and techniques which are mandatory for IT organizations to successfully support corporate strategic objectives. Implementing a portfolio “dashboard” without a strong IT Governance process in place just makes poor execution more visible. “Governance” processes alone won’t allow executive decision makers to handle and evaluate an ever […]