Move Beyond Traditional Portfolio Management with Kanban

Even though traditional models and assumptions represent thinking that originated in the 1890s with Taylor (fixation on efficiency and utilisation) and Gantt (of Gantt chart fame) they seem remarkably impervious to change. Our problem is that we need to change otherwise we can never achieve true business agility.

Continuous Value Delivery with Kanban

Have you looked at Kanban for software development? Are you concerned it may be too open-ended for delivering value? Does its lack of the time-box bother you? This video discusses how to take advantage of Kanban’s continuous value generation to deliver value in a way that dramatically increases customer satisfaction.

Learn Scrum in 7 Minutes

Learn the basics of the scrum development framework in just 7 minutes! By the end of this video you’ll be ready to take the first steps towards implementing scrum practices on your development team!

Quick, Visual, Collaborative and Continuous Software Development

At many software companies, user experience (UX) activities are performed by specialists and occur in distinct phases: user research, design, specification, development support and usability testing. Blending this linear process into an agile or Lean Startup team creates handoffs, bottlenecks and frustration. This talk shares techniques to help teams collect and make better decisions based […]

Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects

Liftoff – it’s the unexplored, often ignored, Agile software development project practice. Liftoff gives impetus to your projects in a way that starts the project team, and the business, on the trajectory to success. Project sponsors, product managers, and product owners use these critical meetings to inform, inspire, and align the people who do the […]

Strategic Project Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management differs greatly from “operational” portfolio management, basically concentrating on selecting the best projects to develop and prioritizing allocation of resources on producing the highest possible economic value throughout the development process. Decision making is complicated by risks and uncertainty around technical, timing, cost and commercialization. Stemming from decision analysis, coupled with the […]