Definition of Done

In Agile, the Definition of Done is a checklist of activities and artefacts that are verifiable or demonstrable and required for the completion of the work. A team may have multiple Definitions of Done that apply at different levels, such as; Release, Feature, Iteration, Story. These definitions should be hierarchical so the story definition is […]

Agile Metrics for Collaboration

Large organizations are using balanced scorecards and dashboards to measure, monitor and forecast the performance of the organization and connect those to its vision, goals and objectives. Metrics is important for management, but how do you design metrics for agile teams? How will the metrics affect the behavior of the teams? This video provides an […]

Project Reporting with Microsoft Project

This video provides a high level overview of Microsoft Project Server 2010 and focuses in on Project Visibility and Reporting. This area is a major pain point for many organisations and in this video we see how organisations can enhance their project reporting and increase project visibility.

Dysfunctional Project Reporting

Did you ever experience the phenomenon were the project status is red but getting greener and greener when climbing to the to top of the management ladder? This is named “Watermelon reporting”. This video explains the main reasons for this behavior and gives the right tools to fight messy reporting processes. You will learn practical […]

Metrics for Better Software Teams

Most of us work in software project teams, but we rarely use metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses, set and track goals, or evaluate strategies. This video gives examples of specific metrics and techniques to help you identify, analyze, and discuss the successes and failures of your software engineers and to help make the team […]