The Core Protocols

Jim McCarthy describes in detail the Core Protocols which any software development project team can use to attain alignment and maximize group agility. Learn first hand the promise and application of these tools to their everyday life as a project manager, weather you are Agile, Scrum or PMI.

Agility is the power of moving quickly and easily, a behavioural nimbleness arising from the ability to think and draw conclusions together quickly. Maximal agility can be achieved with any group by using a small set of interpersonal protocols, called the Core Protocols.

When consistently applied by a team, The Core Protocols generate breathtaking team alignment, a potent state of shared vision. Previously, there were no reliable means for generating shared vision at will, nor a straightforward way to deliver the associated results and agility. Now, individuals and team can consistently achieve their goals and surpass what they expect of themselves both in the quality and the extent of their repeated achievements.

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