A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool – Introducing Kanban, but Do it Right!

Kanban is an evolutionary change management method which leads teams/companies to a Kaizen culture of continuous improvement. The evolutionary approach overcomes the inevitable resistance to change and reduces the fear of the persons involved. The Kanban mechanics help to solve problems and encourage people to continuously improve their work processes until optimization is part of their everyday work.

Welcome to the wonderland of Kanban and Kaizen! So much for the theory! The reality, however, is quite different. In my talk I will share my observations and experiences with Kanban change initiatives. I will talk about change approaches that do not work and I will come up with some examples that seem to work very well. If you are in the lucky position that you are working with highly motivated teams in which everybody lives the principles of Kanban in every second of their (work) life then you should probably listen to another presentation. However, if you find characters in your team like e.g. a husband and father who is afraid to lose his job, and a young graduate who doesn’t seem to care about your fancy sticky notes, and an experienced engineer who thinks this Kanban thing could maybe work out in the end, etc. you will probably gain some insights into successfully performing an evolutionary change initiative with Kanban.

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