Managing a Collaborative Multi-National Team in Real Time

The team WIKISPEED entered a $10 Million competition to produce road legal 100+ mpg cars. They built the impossible in three months. Joe Justice will talk about Agile practices applied to enormously speed up physical manufacturing. Joe leads WIKISPEED, a team of 71 volunteers in 6 countries, and walks through how their 100 MPG road car was made possible through modular design, iterative development, and Agile project management.

Joe takes a deep dive on exactly how Agile from software projects is applied to physical engineering and manufacture. Joe will use the example and of the design and development of their revolutionary 100 mpg, gasoline powered, four-seat car with a target price of $17,995. This ground breaking work expands the agile process to design and manufacturing of the car.

The talk will provide tools and take-aways for engineers and executives, in manufacturing and software, looking to improve their processes. New professionals and students can see examples of the value found in pairing, prioritized backlog driven development, and extreme programming, as they see the methodology jump from software teams to research, manufacturing, and product engineering. It is worth noting that companies like Schaefer Shelving are interested in partnering with small companies, like a WIKISPEED, to help enhance their lean manufacturing practices. For those who have participated in WIKISPEED talks before, this session will be the deepest dive into Agile, Kanban and Lean applied to conquer a highly regulated industry with large, distributed collaborative teams.

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