Scrum Framework Introduction

LeanDog Coach Shane Hayes provides a short introduction to the Scrum Framework. Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development.

People, not Resources

Agile Fellow Jean Tabaka and Corporate Facilitator Laura Burke will share how Agile managers motivate individuals to do great work by cultivating cultures of vulnerability, allowing people to pursue their passions, and nurture work environments in which people can be who they truly are.

Product Owners and Scrum Masters

This video discusses what sort of person makes a good ScrumMaster for Agile software development and what to do when a Product Owner disappears at a crucial point in a Scrum Sprint. It also discusses how Lean and Agile fit together and when a story should be resized.

Quick, Visual, Collaborative and Continuous Software Development

At many software companies, user experience (UX) activities are performed by specialists and occur in distinct phases: user research, design, specification, development support and usability testing. Blending this linear process into an agile or Lean Startup team creates handoffs, bottlenecks and frustration. This talk shares techniques to help teams collect and make better decisions based […]