Distributed Teams: a Pragmatic Way

Is there a sure-fire methodology that will make distributed teams work? Possibly. Can a dogma save your deadline and make your wife and kids happy? Perhaps. Or is it time to be pragmatic and realize that it all starts with people and ends with people – with some coding in the middle?

Making Distributed Teams Work

Learn how to make the best out of your distributed teams. Developing software even with a collocated team is a complex endeavor. When the teams are distributed, especially over the geographical boundaries, it adds much more complexities to the whole production process.

Offshore Outsourcing with Scrum

There are a lot of different situations in software projects with distributed teams. You can seen both successful and disastrous projects in terms of the ways communication and coordination was designed. People can be pretty much on the same page in terms of project goals while seating in different offices and in different countries. You […]

Being an Agile Nearshore Team

Being agile is not a piece of cake. Being agile when you’re the ‘remote site’ is even harder. The presentation will cover our (Pragmatists) experiences in a project where we acted as a nearshore team: what issues we had, how we coped with problems we faced, how was the cooperation developing.

Distributed Agile Development

Most agile methodologies tend to assume that the team is co-located in a single team room. They give little guidance as to how to address team distribution although proven practices are starting to emerge within the community. The Microsoft patterns & practices team has been experimenting with distributed teams for several years, mining proven practices […]

Distributed SCRUM – practical lessons

We are running a medium size project distributed across three countries (Norway, Czech Rep. and Sweden) using Distributed SCRUM, with a total of 20+ people in three teams. We learned some lessons on practical issues to look for on the setup, ramp-up, overhead and daily followups which could be quite interesting for other people to […]

How To Plan Projects With Distributed Teams

Hubert Smits gives a hands-on overview of the activities that are involved in larger agile projects. Larger projects stretch out over more then a few months and have more then a single team involved. Things get more complex when the teams are not collocated. Hubert has based the talk on his paper “Multi Level Planning […]