Continuous Value Delivery with Kanban

Have you looked at Kanban for software development? Are you concerned it may be too open-ended for delivering value? Does its lack of the time-box bother you? This video discusses how to take advantage of Kanban’s continuous value generation to deliver value in a way that dramatically increases customer satisfaction.

Offshore Outsourcing with Scrum

There are a lot of different situations in software projects with distributed teams. You can seen both successful and disastrous projects in terms of the ways communication and coordination was designed. People can be pretty much on the same page in terms of project goals while seating in different offices and in different countries. You […]

Better Teams and Better Planning

In this video, Sam Phillips discusses the best ways to organize your teams and plan your projects. Sam is currently an agile evangelist in a start-up and was previously Technical Director for a Ruby/Rails software agency.

Metrics for Better Software Teams

Most of us work in software project teams, but we rarely use metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses, set and track goals, or evaluate strategies. This video gives examples of specific metrics and techniques to help you identify, analyze, and discuss the successes and failures of your software engineers and to help make the team […]

Estimating in Scrum

Estimating and planning with Scrum will not prevent your boss from asking if you will be able to meet your schedule. This video explains how you can use the Scrum “Cone of Uncertainty” to provide an answer like: “60% probability.”