Lean Startups: a Learning Organization

Waterfall (kind of) worked when both solution and the problem were unknown. Agile provides an answer when the solution isn’t known, and teaches us to iterate instead of specify everything upfront. But what if both solution and problem are unknown? Welcome to the world of startups and new product development. Most startups don’t fail because […]

Healthy Projects

A healthy project requires clarity of project (what are we building), the customer (for whom are we building), the purpose (why are we building it), and of release schedules (when are we building it). But it doesn’t stop there, a healthy project requires a collaborative contract and structure, an understanding of what quality means, constant […]

A Lean Approach to Portfolio Management

In many companies using agile practices, project portfolio management are still plan-driven: the focus is on elaborating a plan and taking actions when deviations are reported. A better alternative is to bring the focus on value, flow and waste, instead. In this session we explore some of the lean product development techniques that have been […]

The Psychology of Kanban

Why does Kanban work so well? Why do teams intuitively take to it? Why do people’s behaviors change around a visual control? Why does stress decrease? Why do people who currently could not work together suddenly collaborate? This presentation discusses the psychology behind visual controls.