Scrum Time Screencasts

Scrum Time is an open source web-based Scrum project management tool. This tool is intended to be intuitive, flexible, and extensible. The following screencasts shows how to get started with the Scrum Time, how to create a product and how to manage backlog.

Scrum Tool Agilo for Scrum

Agilo – The right Scrum tool for your projects. Agilo is one of the most used Scrum tools and integrates many functionalities to support Scrum and your development. Whether you are challenging distributed development issues or you work in a single team environment, Agilo is highly configurable to adapt your specific workflow and provides streamlined […]

Presentation on Trac for SDJUG

A presentation for the San Diego Java User Group on how to use Trac to manage the development a software project. Below is a video capture of that talk (~45min). We cover the big picture of what’s involved in effective project management, the qualities of what makes a good tool and then we walk through […]

Sonar: embrace Quality

SONAR is an open source software quality management tool, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure source code quality. Using SONAR throughout the whole development project life cycle drastically improves visibility for every stakeholder. This gained visibility allows to manage risks, reduce maintenance costs and improve agility by implementing a real quality first approach. Teams can […]