Building a Portfolio Management Process

Many organizations are realizing the importance of a critical step in the Project and Portfolio Management discipline: Portfolio Planning. For the average business, Portfolio Planning may be a process well beyond their organizational maturity; however, it is a major component that should not be overlooked in order to increase the probability of reaching your objectives.

Move Beyond Traditional Portfolio Management with Kanban

Even though traditional models and assumptions represent thinking that originated in the 1890s with Taylor (fixation on efficiency and utilisation) and Gantt (of Gantt chart fame) they seem remarkably impervious to change. Our problem is that we need to change otherwise we can never achieve true business agility.

Strategic Project Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management differs greatly from “operational” portfolio management, basically concentrating on selecting the best projects to develop and prioritizing allocation of resources on producing the highest possible economic value throughout the development process. Decision making is complicated by risks and uncertainty around technical, timing, cost and commercialization. Stemming from decision analysis, coupled with the […]

Portfolio Managemen: What’s It All About?

IT Governance and Enterprise Portfolio Management are complimentary processes and techniques which are mandatory for IT organizations to successfully support corporate strategic objectives. Implementing a portfolio “dashboard” without a strong IT Governance process in place just makes poor execution more visible. “Governance” processes alone won’t allow executive decision makers to handle and evaluate an ever […]

Agile Portfolio Management in the Scaled Agile Framework

Dean Leffingwell talks about the big picture of Agile development in this presentation about Agile Portfolio Management in the Scaled Agile Framework. The Scaled Agile Framework is a proven knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. Its primary user interface is a “Big Picture” graphic which highlights the individual roles, teams, activities and […]

A Lean Approach to Portfolio Management

In many companies using agile practices, project portfolio management are still plan-driven: the focus is on elaborating a plan and taking actions when deviations are reported. A better alternative is to bring the focus on value, flow and waste, instead. In this session we explore some of the lean product development techniques that have been […]

Reformulating the Product Delivery Process

Software methods can be viewed as the glue that holds the product development process together. With Kanban, the glue is melting on both sides of the process. Traditional portfolio management systems and organizations have difficulty coping with the granularity of Kanban. Likewise, today’s product release and delivery systems and the corresponding organizational constructs are ill-equipped […]