Product Owners and Scrum Masters

This video discusses what sort of person makes a good ScrumMaster for Agile software development and what to do when a Product Owner disappears at a crucial point in a Scrum Sprint. It also discusses how Lean and Agile fit together and when a story should be resized.

Agile Adoption past the Team: An Experience Report

This talk explores a 3 month coaching engagement where the customer needed to coordinate requirements and design across five highly dependent development teams. Mike will show how the teams went from zero to hyper-productivity in a matter of sprints by implementing solid engineering practices and deploying a Product Owner team to coordinate deliverables across the […]

Using Personas in an Agile Environment

Personas are no substitute for talking directly to customers, but what do you do when the customer isn’t there to talk to? Learn how to create a persona that helps you keep the customer in mind while developing your product. Tell user stories with confidence because the information is there to back the story up.

Facilitating a Product Council

These days, it seems like every software company has some agile or agile-ish teams. But how do you carry agile values beyond the team and into the business prioritization process? Over the last few years, I’ve worked with a group of stakeholders from VPs to support representatives to form a Product Council team that guides […]

Who Does What in An Agile Project? Product Owners and Project Managers in Agile Teams

Using several case studies drawn from Enthiosys client consulting engagements, this talk will explore the relationship between Product Owners and Project Managers in IT-centric Agile project teams, and Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, and Project Managers in Product-Centric Agile Teams. Luke will also cover when you need Portfolio Managers and how to structure their relationship […]