Lean Software Development Achieving Better Requirements

Agile approaches help by acknowledging the uncertainty and noise that surrounds software development projects. Their solution to this is evolutionary or emergent development. The question now is how can we improve on this? How to make the requirements process more objective and rigorous? The presentation suggests that a lack of rigorous requirements data can lead […]

Lean Requirements

Agile development practices introduced, adopted and extended the User Story as the primary currency for expressing application requirements within the agile enterprise. However, as powerful as this innovative concept is, by itself the user story does not provide an adequate construct for reasoning about investment, system-level requirements and acceptance testing across the enterprises project team, […]

Efficient Ways to Work with Requirements

This talk is about the cooperation between test organisations and the people working with requirements. How do we work as efficiently as possible? When during the project lifecycle can we gain from each other? How do we best gain from each other? When do we think alike and what are the crucial differencies in the […]