Scrum Framework Introduction

LeanDog Coach Shane Hayes provides a short introduction to the Scrum Framework. Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development.

Product Owners and Scrum Masters

This video discusses what sort of person makes a good ScrumMaster for Agile software development and what to do when a Product Owner disappears at a crucial point in a Scrum Sprint. It also discusses how Lean and Agile fit together and when a story should be resized.

Learn Scrum in 7 Minutes

Learn the basics of the scrum development framework in just 7 minutes! By the end of this video you’ll be ready to take the first steps towards implementing scrum practices on your development team!

Scrum Team Definition

This video provides a definition of a Scrum Team and the Scrum Roles that need to be performed. It also explains the key to every Scrum Team, self organization and self management.