Getting Agile with Scrum

This fast-paced tutorial from Mike Cohn covers the basics of what you need to know to get started with Scrum. Scrum is one of the leading agile software development processes. Over 12,000 project managers have become certified to run Scrum projects . Especially useful on projects with lots of technology or requirements uncertainty, Scrum is […]

Creating Velocity Without Debt in Scrum

This tutorials discusses the “definition of done”, a way of focusing on business value while avoiding technical debt.It explains to Agile Scrum Masters and Project Managers how release decisions and tradeoffs are made, and how to avoid technical debt.

Planning Poker for JIRA

The Planning Poker for JIRA is what you need to estimate your Story Points in distributed, fun and safe way. Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Team participants can now join on-line Planning Meeting and evaluate User Stories while discussing on embedded chat or previewing issues.

Offshore Outsourcing with Scrum

There are a lot of different situations in software projects with distributed teams. You can seen both successful and disastrous projects in terms of the ways communication and coordination was designed. People can be pretty much on the same page in terms of project goals while seating in different offices and in different countries. You […]