Tribes, Alliances and Schools

Software Development tends to be tribal: the developers vs. the testers, the Agilistas vs. the waterfallists, the context-driven school vs. the certification folks, and so on. Matt Heusser will explain how and why these associations spring up, how to to take the best from a tribe: and to know when to break from the pack. […]

Set-Based Decision Making: Taming System Complexity

As technology marches forward, system complexity continues to rise. Many of the most critical design decisions are made very early in projects, before the system designers can possibly know all that they need to know to make those decisions correctly. That inevitably results in what we call “loopbacks”, where earlier decisions (that were thought to […]

The Software Team Leader Manifesto

This presentation is about the role of the software team leader in these semi-agile times. What is the purpose a team leader serves? How can they achieve their purpose? How is fear a factor? These and more will be answered in this talk that every future and current software team leader, and other leadership roles […]