eXtreme Programming in Practice

Extreme programming sounds a little too “ESPN2” for most managers, but there is a lot of sound engineering behind its principles. I talk about the parts of XP that are absolutely vital and the ones that you can introduce a little more slowly (pair programming, only a 40 hour work week). I also talk about […]

The Pomodoro Technique

With the three basic tools – pen, paper and a kitchen timer – The Pomodoro Technique will empower you with the agile abilities of Constant feedback about your working habits, Dedicated decision points to respond to change, Opportunities on a day to day basis to improve your personal process, A sustainable pace also when the […]

Lecture – 26 Agile Development

Lecture on Software Engineering by , Prof. Umesh Bellur,  Department of Computer Science & Engineering ,IIT Bombay. The objectives are to are to explain how iterative and incremental development process leads to faster delivery of more useful software, to discuss the essence of agile development methods, to explain the principles and practices of extreme programming, […]